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Dulcie and I are teaching Himself the Elf to sign to us. I had a lot of success with baby signing when Dulcie was tiny, as she stridently made her demands clearly known. Himself the Elf watches us with wide-eyes but I’m not sure he has a clue about what we’re doing. We sing various songs to teach him the signs, which are loathsome and utter ear-worms. He occasionally laughs but more often than not crawls away to fiddle with the radiator. If one of us starts to hum anything, you can be sure it will be one of the jolly signing ditties.

We sing him a song about visiting a farm. “Why,” wonders Dulcie. “Are so many signs to do with animals? I wouldn’t care about animal signs if I couldn’t talk. I’d want signs like ‘princess’ or ‘strawberry ice-cream’ or ‘tiara’.” This is, in fact, completely untrue, as her first sign was dog, but of course she cannot remember or realise how her priorities have changed.  “A lot of his books are about animals, too. Why?” Continue reading