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You may, (although you probably have a full and happy life and reading this blog is just the teeniest, tiniest blip on your radar, so maybe not) have noticed there were no blog posts last week. This was because Stage II of Himself the Elf’s Vanishing Chair sleep training was underway, and his eviction from my arms, my bed, my room were all greeted with some spirited protest from him. I closed his all-night milk bar. I banished him to his own cot in his own room, with so many pats that my left arm aches, and so much time sitting on my bottom on the floor in his room over night that I am thankful that the old warning about what gives one piles is a lot of old codswallop. In my sleep deprived state, as he stood up for hours on end shouting Bah! Bah! Bah and not sleeping, and I remained sitting on the floor, I found myself wondering how a chair that is a not actually there can vanish at all. However, we are out the other side, and I hope due to my softly-softly approach (and his loudly-loudly one), that I haven’t emotionally scarred him nor left him with abandonment issues to sour his relationships as he grows. Continue reading